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In March 2016, Khu.éex' entered the studio to simultaneously begin work on what would result in two triple albums: 2019's “Héen”, and Khu.éex's upcoming fourth album "WOOch". Translating from "together" in the Tlingit language, "wooch" also echoes the "WOO" philosophy of Khu.éex' co-founder Bernie Worrell in which he wished to use music to bring people together through sound.


Focusing on the concept of the Alaska Native communities' shared experiences, the album explores the connection between historical and contemporary issues and intergenerational strength in the face of trauma. "WOOch" also represents Bernie Worrell's final major studio project before his passing three months following the beginning of these sessions. Bernie's playing reflected profound depth and power in the face of his cancer battle.

“WOOch” features Bernie Worrell (Keyboards), Preston Singletary (Bass), Captain Raab (Guitar), Gene Tagaban (vocals, spoken word, flute), Nahaan (spoken word, vocals), Skerik (Sax and horn arrangements), Hans Teuber (horns, flutes), Stephen Nistor (Drums, percussion), Denny Stern (percussion), Indrayani Ananda and Carly Kienow (vocals), and Tim Kennedy (keyboards). Special featured guests: Qacung (Y’upic vocals) acclaimed singer and co-founder of Pamyua, Eyvind Kang (Viola), and Jay Kardong (pedal steel).  



1.​ ​Gifts 02:27
2.​ ​Ten Thousand Generations 08:13
3.​ ​Courtroom of Thieves 07:36
4.​ ​Residential School 10:59
5.​ ​Spiritual Warfare 05:54
6.​ ​Holy Drone 06:58
7.​ ​Keep the Fires Burning 05:07
8.​ ​Receiving Alien Transmission 04:47
9.​ ​Sacred Madness 05:57
10.​ ​G Ya Self 09:26
11.​ ​Collective Memory 03:19
12.​ ​The Concept of Time Itself 06:57
13.​ ​Blackfish Trap 07:34
14.​ ​The Basket Who Wanted To Be A Basket 20:38

WOOch on Black Triple Vinyl

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