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Innerviews: "Skerik: Unpopular Music" Read about Skerik's musical career and his work with Khu.éex’ in this article by Anil Prasad.

Podcast with Khu.éex': This is a deep listening journey into the story of Khu.éex’ as told by the band’s co-founder Preston Singletary and guitarist Captain Raab, and recorded by Blaze in Space. This five episode podcast series take a dive deep into the musical compositions on each record,  listen in now. 


Redefine Magazine: "Indigenous Musicians Rising: An Interconnected View on Contemporary Creative Approaches". By Vee Hua.

Facing Race: Local Band Focuses on Sharing the Lessons of Native American Ancestors. Video segment by KING 5. 

Redefine Magazine: "Khu.éex’ Band Interview: Uplifting Alaska Native Culture with Genre-Defying Musical Fluidity". 


Daybreak Star Radio: Daybreak Star Radio interviews members of Khu.éex’ in this video segment. 

Evening​ on KING 5​: "Northwest ​B​and ​F​uses Funk and Indigenous ​M​usic" video segment


KEXP FM: Sound & Vision: Preston Singletary, co-founder and bassist for Khu.éex' , talks about his glass art and looking at Indigenous music through a contemporary lens

Warsawski Funk: "Bernie Worrell's Last Project has Seen the Light of Day: Khu.éex' Releases the Album WOOch"

CirdecSongs : CirdecSongs Rapid-Fire Record Reviews 2021 featuring WOOch.

Gaënö’ : Hear an episode of Gaënö’ with Brett Maybee featuring guitarist Captain Raab talking about the new album WOOch, Bernie Worrell, Clarissa Rizal, Red Earth, and more.

Coastal Café Radio : A radio interview aired on KPTZ FM with Preston Singletary, the co-founder and bassist for  Khu.éex’

Native America Calling : Listen to vocalist Sondra Segundo and bassist/co-founder of the band Preston Singletary talk about the new album Héen, storytelling and more 

KTOO Public Media : "Seattle Band Khu.éex’ Celebrates Indigenous Culture Through Music"

The Seattle Times "...mixing Native American song and spoken word with atmospheric, visionary jazz improvisation in a way that recalls the ecstatic ’70s jazz-funk work of groups like Weather Report or Carlos Santana." - Paul De Barros
The Stranger "...The album’s an intense suite of songs that soars with a profound spirituality and exudes celebratory vibrations." - Dave Segal
Seattle Weekly "..."The Wilderness Within" truly earns its “experimental” label. Songs like “Angry Bear” layer more familiar groove-based funk sounds under traditional spoken-word Tlingit stories."- Kelton Sears
KUOW FM  : "Folklife: Where You Can See a Tribal-Funk-Jazz Fusion Band" radio interview
KNKX FM  : "Khu.eex: 'The Native Parliament Funkadelic" radio interview 
The Stranger : "Inbox Jukebox Track of the Day: The Chill Anti-Big-Oil Screed "Shell No" by Seattle Native Funk Group Khu.eex' "
Juneau Empire : "What Do You Get When You Cross Alaska Native Culture with Parliament Funkadelic?"
What's Up! Magazine : "Khu.éex’: Fusing Tlingit Culture, Contemporary Funk, and Jazz Elements Among Amazing Musicians"

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