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Khu.éex': The Magic of Noise

Khu.éex’: The Magic of Noise is a feature length documentary film that grew out of five years of documenting the band and its performances. It follows the project from the spark of an idea brought into being by kismet through the tragic loss of two key members and into rebirth and activism.


Khu.éex’ combines funk, blues, jazz and rock along with Tlingit/Haida storytelling and cultural elements for a unique experience that is both visceral and spiritual at the same time. “There is the universal nature of music that connects us all irregardless of the culture from which it comes…a language that connects us all on earth.” Skerik the saxophonist describes in the film.


Khu.éex': The Magic of Noise is currently in post-production via Heartstone Studios and scheduled for distribution in 2024.

To help support the completion and distribution of this important film please visit the Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP). 

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