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Get “They Forgot They Survived” on CD!


 Featuring local Tlingit glass artist Preston Singletary (bass), funk legend Bernie Worrell (keys), Stanton Moore (drums), Skerik (sax), and Captain Raab (guitar).


Also featuring Native storyteller/actor/performance artist Gene Tagaban, visual artist Clarissa Rizal on vocals and spoken word, Om Johari, Nahaan, and Indrayani Ananda. 


Recorded at Avast Studios, Seattle, WA. Produced by Cedar Plank Industries.



1.  Canoe Song                                            

2.  Stillness                                                

3.  Coastline                                                  

4.  White Sails                                         

5.  Earth Prayer                                          

6.  Sunrise Song                                        

7.  They Forgot They Survived                  

8.  1962: Douglas Burning                         

9.    His Spirit Reflected In The Moon       

10.  Whoa Whoa                                        

11.  Gunnalth Cheesh                              

12.  Hummingbirds                                   

13.  Wolf Song                                              


“They Forgot They Survived” on CD

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