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Double Colored Vinyl!   Introducing the debut album by Khu.éex’, “The Wilderness Within”. Featuring local Tlingit glass artist Preston Singletary (bass), funk legend Bernie Worrell (keys), Stanton Moore (drums), Skerik (sax), and Captain Raab (guitar). Also featuring Native storyteller/actor/performance artist Gene Tagaban, and visual artist Clarissa Rizal on vocals and spoken word.



Side A                          Side C

Haa Kusteeyi               T- Funk

Angry Bear                  To Her Grandmother

Going North                Beautiful

No More Planks


Side B                          Side D

Goo Su Wa Eh             Sisters From the Western Ocean

Dog Bass                     Hoonah Exit

Futile Funk                   Surpassed

Rio De Juneau

"The Wilderness Within" on Red Double Vinyl

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