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The brainchild of multidisciplinary artist/musician Preston Singletary and the late keyboard legend Bernie Worrell; Khu.éex' formed in 2013 as a multigenerational collective fusing Native American music/culture with funk, rock, and jazz with an emphasis on improvisation. With collective members from Tlingit, Haida, Siksika, Yup'ik, and Cherokee nations, Khu.éex' has also set out to reflect the contemporary reality and voices of Indian Country through this project and challenge listeners' assumptions and stereotypes about Native music.


After a run of four albums centered around his mentorship, Siyáadlan consists of the group's first studio project since Worrell's passing. Recorded amidst the challenges of the COVID pandemic, production was once again helmed by longtime collaborator Randall Dunn.


Haida terminology for Seattle, Siyáadlan’s music revolves around the Urban Indian experience of Native families from non-local tribes who have found themselves relocated to Seattle. Narratives of this music reflect these experiences, ranging from generational gatherings to suicide to the rise of Indigenous language revitalization, all adjacent to the Salish Sea. Since the BIA relocation program beginning in the 1950's, Seattle has become home to one of the largest urban Native populations, and this community experience has informed and fueled the music on Siyáadlan.


Musically, Siyáadlan is a guitar-centered album highlighting new vocalists Sondra Segundo and Air Jazz alongside founding member Gene Tagaban. Beyond the funk grounding of Khu.éex's first four albums, music on this new album interweaves influences of Malian desert blues, Thom Bell arrangements, and cinematic imagery of David Lynch and Michael Mann with Haida and Tlingit hand drum songs.




1. Breathe in 

2. Siigaay Gid uu Dii iijang (Ocean Child I Am) 

3. Al'anaat

4. Shapeshifter 8:14

5. Taan Isgyaan Nang Jaadaa (Bear and the Woman)

6. Rubber Bullets 

7. Kunx yak'éi gayshagook

8. Perceptions 

9. Standing on the Edge of the Forest 

10. Khunaxh yak éi gayshagook (Reprise)


"Siyáadlan" Features:

Preston Singletary Bass, Vocals

Captain Raab Guitar, Hand Drum, Vocals

Sondra Segundo Vocals, Spoken word/Haida language, Hand drum

Air Jazz Vocals/Rap/Tlingit language

Gene Tagaban Vocals/Spoken word/Tlingit language/Flute, Hand Drum

Edward Littlefield Drums, Hand drum, Vocals, Vibraphone

Denny Stern Percussion

Tim Kennedy Clavinet, Synth, Wurlitzer

Skerik Sax/Horn arrangements

Jason Cressey Trombone

Quacung vocals/Hand drum, Y'upic langage

Swil Kanim Violin (on Ocean Child)

Recorded at Avast studios, Seattle, WA October 2020, overdubs March 2021 at SWAN SOUND, mixed and mastered Randall Dunn at Circular Ruin, Brooklyn, NY 2023

Recorded by Randall Dunn and Mel Detmer

Produced by Randall Dunn and Khu.éex

Mastered by Chicago Mastering

"Siyáadlan" on CD

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