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“Héen” - Triple Vinyl in Blue.

Featuring a Tlingit based etching on one side designed by Preston Singletary specifically for this album. 


The newest album by Khu.éex’! The recording of Khu.éex’s third album, entitled “Héen” (water in the Tlingit language), coincided with critical events and issues affecting Indian Country (and the earth as a whole) including the construction of Dakota Access Pipeline and the endangerment of clean water in our communities. These events were on the group’s mind during these sessions, which resulted in water being a conceptual connecting thread throughout the material.



“Song to the Water Protectors” is an honor song to those who have stood up to protect the water, which we all depend on, from Standing Rock to Louisiana. “Shell No” speaks to the issues of shale tycoons and corporations in conflict with our values, and poisoning the precious waters and lands of our nations in pursuit of profit. “Killer Whale Creation” is the story of the creation of Keet, the Killer Whale, and symbolically teaches us to change one’s ways to be non-violent.



The album features Khu.éex’ co-founder the late Bernie Worrell, keyboardist and original member of Parliament-Funkadelic. This triple album and the almost complete upcoming fourth album are Bernie’s final collaborative efforts.




Bernie Worrell - Organ, clavinet, synth

Preston Singletary - Bass

Skerik - Saxophone, piano, horn arrangements

Gene Tagaban - Vocals, flute

Captain Raab - Guitar

Nahaan - Vocals

Steve Nistor - Drums, Percussion

Hans Teuber - Horns, piano

Indrayani Ananda - Vocals

Tim Kennedy - Keyboards

Carly Kienow - Vocals

Héen - On Blue Triple Vinyl

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